7 days/6nights. Full acomodation and diving package.


Per person per week based on double occupancy.

Diving in Sombrero


Sombrero Island is located at the northernmost tip of the Leeward archipelago, one of the most remote of the Caribbean’s seven thousand islands . Named Sombrero Island because it resembled a Mexican hat in shape, This ninety-acre islet has no fresh water and almost no vegetation.

Today, after years of mining activity it’s a rocky and flat island with almost straight walls towering over surrounding waters. It’s a home for many seabirds and lizards the only natural habitants of this island with moon like appearance. There are reminds of three light houses which together operated for over hundred of years, warning mariners. Non of Light Houses was operational as we visited the island in April of 2019. The newest, automated light house is out of commission since hurricane Irma in September 2018.


Trip to Sombrero Island takes about 5 hours on sails one way from Sint Martin. We plan it as a 2 days adventure with overnight stay on anchor on west side of this tiny island.  Weather is a very important factor in planning for this trip. Water is extremely clear and visibility is always very good.  Depth is from 40feet(13m) to about 100feet(33m). Botom configuration is from flat to straight wall with small underwater caves and big boulders scattered  around. Perfect habitat for small and large fish. Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, big Groupers, Parrot Fish, Yellow and Black Jacks, Conch snails, a lot of Lanusta and Huge Barracudas.  Occasionally through February till April, Humback Whales and pack of dolphins are visiting surrounding waters.  It is an incredible experience to hear Whales calling each other while scuba diving. It is a matter of luck to spot them there. But it is an incredible experience to  see them in natural habitat.   

We had no time to explore all diving opportunities around this island, especially on east side, and there is no guide or official information available.  We haven’t heard of any one else offering diving tours to this island.

We offer diving In Sombrero on special request and weather permitting only.


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This tiny island lost in middle of nowhere doe not have much to offer when compared to other island we have visited. But when you start thinking that you have to climb a Latter from the dinghy just to get on hard ground it is a challange and adventure itself. Then you have to walk carefully between eegs and young Frigate chicks to get near three Light Houses or more accurately what is left of them. Each light house build in different time with different technology and non of them survived fury of the Ocean. Then there are bunker like looking buildings, partially demolished by hurricane waves, some natural and man made caves and over all a filing of isolation. It’s like a moon landing, flat rocky ground scorch by the sun, no trees, no fresh water just the sound of crushing waves and deep blue water. It’s something, if you want to experience it this is the only place.