Are we going to dive on all listed dive sites?
We are not able to dive all dive sites listed on our page. Every island has at least few good diving spots. St Eustatius has close to 40 good dive sites. We will chose the most interesting ones for you. Sometimes weather will be a factor where we can go and dive.
Can I get certified while on Hakuna Matata?
We generally don’t certify new divers or provide curses.
What is included in my package?
Full accommodation including linens towels eat. All on board meals, drinks, including some beer and vine. ( If diver gets intoxicated he or she is not diving next day). Paddleboards. Air, Dive tanks, weight belts,
What is not included and will cost extra?
Immigration and customs fees and Park fees, if they apply ( usually abot 60 to 80$ total) . Transfers from and to Airport (10$ each way per person) Meals on shore. Hard liquor.
Do I need passport?
You should have passport with you and still valid for at least 6 months. We will sail between islands and most of them have own immigration and customs offices.
What currency should I bring? Are there ATM or Banking machines? What about Credit Cards Payment?
On every island US dollar is widely accepted. On French side of St Martin ans Island of St Barths Euro is official currency but US dollars are normally accepted. ATM on St Martin Duch side are issuing US dollars. French side, and St Barths ATM will issue Euros. Saba and Eustatia ATM will issue US$ but ATM are not conveniently located. On all islands most places accepts major credit cards. But as always cash is the “KING”
What is the voltage for power outlets on the island and your boat?
On Every island prevailing voltage is US 110Volts with exception of St Martin, French side and St Barths where European 220Volts is a norm. On boat we have 110Volt system from generator and DC 12 Volts like inn a car. USB outlets are in every cabin for charging phone or small devices via USB.
How do we find your boat and how do we get there.
In St Martin it could be arranged that a taxi will pick you from Airport and bring you to the boat. If you decided to do it on your own every Taxi driver will know where to find us. Taxi drive should be no more than 10 dollars per PERSON.
What should I bring with me for diving and living on boat in tropics?
Your personal diving equipment. BC, Regulator, dive computer, mask, snorkel fins, Wetsuit if you feel cold. 3mm wetsuit is normally enough, a lot of people dive without wetsuit. Underwater camera and lights. Take some casual, breathable and light color clothing. Flip flops and running or hiking shoes for on land adventures. Sunglasses, hut, and get tanned before in tanning salon or bring REEF FRIENDLY sunscreen ONLY. If you are prone to motion sickness you might bet a sea sick. We recommend that you take motion sickness medication with you just in a case.
How many dives can I have a day?
Normally we do two tanks dives per day plus one night dive on some locations. Extra dive is 30$ per person.
Can we sail to Sombrero Island for a dive.
Yes we can sail to Sombrero for a dive but it takes about 5 hours one way from st Martin to Sombrero. Diving and fishing there is spectacular and no one else is offering diving there. It makes sense to go there for a minimum two days. It has to be planned according to the weather. We also limit it to experience divers in one group.
Do you offer Nitrox.
Do to a lack of space we are not offering Nitrox mix for diving
Can we customize our itinerary.
YES. We be happy to adjust our routine to your need if you are ONE GROUP. So getting some friends together and making your own itinerary is always welcome.
Can I get sample itinerary?
Day 1. Arriving on Boat, Introduction to the boat and schedule. Checking equipment, fitting weight belts and getting to know the crew and guests. After dinner relaxing on board or activities on shore. Day2. After breakfast sailing to one of the St Martin dive sites and morning dive. Sail to Ile Fourche and afternoon dive with Barracudas. After dive relaxing on board or hike to the top of the island for 360 degrees view of northern Caribbean. Day3. 40 Minutes Sail to St Barthelemy ( St Barths), checking in with customs and morning dive. Lunch and afternoon dive . Afternoon and evening visiting on shore. St Barths is Caribbean version of French Riviera with high end boutiques, bistros, coffee shops restaurants and night clubs. Day 4. Morning sail to St Eustatius checking in with customs and morning dive. Lunch and afternoon dive. St Eustatius does have reach history as a free port, you can still see the character of it on the island. Night Dive after sunset. Day 5. Early morning hike to the Quill ( for those who volunteer ) Dives on Charles L. Brown around noon. Late afternoon departure to Tintamare Isl or Saba. Day 6. Morning Dives. On Saba early afternoon hike to Mount scenery and evening departure to St Martin and sailing under stars of night sky. On Tintamare Isl, mo

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